The Most Important Material Used for The Industrial Industry

It is a fact that many materials are used in the industrial industry to complete projects. Today we will analyze one of the most important materials used and why it is so important. You probably know what it is already.

Industries Rely on It

With something like rubber parts they are important. Almost nearly all industries rely on it to complete projects. Some of those industries include automotive, medical, plumbing, food & beverages, mil-spec, and countless more. This material is preferred because it is cost-effective when produced in bulk and it gets the job done by proving itself to be durable under many operating conditions.

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Plumbing

If you enjoy driving thank the automotive industry for making tires out of this material. In fact, 28% of the tire is manufactured using this substance. It’s certainly a preferred choice because it provides stability on the road by providing a secure grip no matter the condition of the road. The condition of the road could be wet or slippery and this wouldn’t affect the operation of your vehicle tires. Both natural and synthetic types are often mixed together to produce products such as hoses and vehicle seals to stop leaks.

Medical Industry

Don’t count the medical Industry out. This material is just as important and widely used. According to research a liquid silicone material called LSR is preferred because it has a lower level of toxicity compared to other rubbery materials. And it’s ideal to use LSR if the material needs to be placed inside of the patient to perform a medical procedure. Latex has been known to cause complications such as allergic reactions and other side effects. LSR sanitizes well because this rubbery material can withstand high levels of heat with a very little negative effect. Latex is a rubbery material used to also transfer bodily fluids such as blood.


The plumbing industrial industry also uses rubbery parts to fulfill projects. Some of those parts would include flappers, flush valves, seals, and fill valves. When manufacturing these parts not only is a rubbery material used but it is designed to also withstand chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines depending on which company you purchase your parts from. Many of the parts used for plumbing are made using this material to prevent rust. This fact makes it ideal considering these parts are constantly submerged underwater.

Where Does It Come From?

Believe it or not, there are more than 200 trees that produce this rubbery substance you and I have grown to love. One of the trees, in particular, is called Hevea Brasiliensis. The tree produces many of the latex products on the market today. The rubbery substance is produced when the liquid from the tree and acids mix. To be exact the liquid substance is extracted from the bark of the tree. This tree can grow to a staggering 140 feet. When the Hevea Brasiliensis is no longer able to produce the milky latex substance due to constant extraction the tree is typically cut down within 30 years.